This is the home page of the generation |Y of quantum physicists, who have been spatially projected at some point in their career in Austria.Schroedi

Because we know each other, we are similarly educated, we speak the same quantum language, we are interested in related research topics, and now, we are at a very similar point in our research life… why not forming a generation |Y research network. The network will aim at helping to establish research collaborations, to exchange personnel, to apply for joint funding and to stay in close contact.


As the best start for such a network is to meet, discuss, plan and exchange ideas about its implementation, we would like to invite all senior postdocs and junior group leaders from the generation |Y to join the 1st meeting held from 20. – 24. September 2019 in Ramsau, Austria.


Below, you find more details about:

We also encourage you to contribute already in advance and post ideas and topics you would like to discuss during this short meeting. Please do so in our forum.


We are looking forward to your registration and hope to see you in September.


Philipp and Robert